Welcome to Tree Trek Gamboa

Tree Trek Gamboa is the new tourist option near Panama City. Dedicated to all nature and adventure lovers of all ages. We are located in Gamboa, Province of Colon. Located in the old Panama Canal Zone, it rests on the corner where the Gatun Lake meets the Chagres River.

The Tree Trek is a thrilling adventure that allows visitors to soar at treetop level through a series of cables, enjoying the wonders of nature from an incredible (and completely safe) vantage point. Come and visit us so you can feel first hand all the adrenaline that awaits you!

Because we believe in the conservation of nature and this premise being the heart of our offer, while you enjoy the best fun alone or sharing with friends, family and colleagues you will be contributing with our awareness program about the importance of the conservation of our forests.

Experience the fun, adrenaline and adventure all in this exciting trip. We are sure you will not be disappointed!

Glide through the treetops of the rainforest and admire the most incredible collection of natural landscapes bordering the Panama Canal and Soberania National Park.

Zip line Tour

Enjoy a different view of the Panama Canal and the Chagres River over 1.4 kilometers of extension divided into 10 cables and 13 platforms. As you glide through the trees you will be confronted with an unknown world… and a fascinating perspective of life that you never thought would exist for you.

1.4 km circuit – 10 lines and 13 platforms

The trees that support the cable system were selected among the tallest, strongest and most resistant, which allows it to be between 2 and 35 meters above the ground in an adventure designed for adults and children.

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